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Time is short and your lists are long, so choose the right accessories to help you be more productive and keep up with today’s demands.

It’s time to expect more from your accessories. Keyboards that give you quick access to the Microsoft 365 apps and documents you need, plus the programs, tools, and media controls you use most with the security and quality you trust. Mice that fold flat for ultimate portability. And a suite of desktop solutions so you can spend less time fussing and more time doing. The Microsoft Ergonomic product range will help you work more comfortable wherever you decide to work.




Find the mouse that fits your needs. Microsoft mice offer the comfort and control you need to navigate easily through all your files and apps.

Keyboard – Desktop

Microsoft computer and laptop keyboards make it easy to customize your desktop and work your way. Weather you want to work in an ergonomic way, or want a nice slim design keyboard; there is an option for everyone.

Webcam – Headset

Microsoft webcams are perfect for fun chats and serious meeting calls, always offering you a clear view on the world. Work hands-free while you stay in touch with everyone, thanks to the comfortable Microsoft headsets.



Looking for something else? Explore our other PC accessories, gaming assortment and useful gadgets.

Based on 4 principles:


Be even more productive. Click, type and create faster, with more precision. You can go all day in comfort on nearly any device – a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Every detail is thoughtfully and smartly designed with the customer in mind. Not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of ergonomics.

Advanced Technology

We extensively test every product in our labs and with real customers before it ever touches the shelves. Including a range of products with Advanced Encryption which helps protect your PC from hackers.


The quality you expect from Microsoft. Accessories that work and more importantly, instantly go between nearly any device or platform. Our Mouse and Keyboard center and customization apps enable you to tailor the experience to what you want.